Eva Maria Lee, a native German, grew up in Parsberg, Germany.

In 1980 she began studying architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt which combined her strongest interests, art and engineering. Her curriculum included training in various techniques of art such as watercolour, drawing, pastels, collage and modelling. Many of her paintings still show the roots of her art which lie in architecture. She was a teaching assistant for several semesters and received her degree in architecture "Diplom-Ingenieur Architektur" in 1985.

After graduating Eva Maria worked for architectural firms in the Frankfurt area until she started a family in 1988. She continued doing free-lance architecture work and also focused on art, especially painting. Starting in 1989, for several years she was a student of the contemporary artist Birgit Luxemburger in Mainz, who introduced her to large scale acrylic painting. At the same time she took classes in life drawing with the artist Dorothee Rocke in Frankfurt and participated in various art workshops.

From 1998 – 2001 she went back to university double majoring in art and American studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. She took a master painting course with Prof. Dr. Till Neu, which she completed in 2000. From 2001 – 2003 she resumed working as an architect in a Frankfurt architecture firm until relocating to Newburyport, MA, USA in 2003.

Since 2004 when she established a studio in Amesbury, MA, she has dedicated her time to focus on her work as a painter. She has been active in the artist community in Newburyport and Amesbury, participating in numerous shows and events.

In 2009 she launched her own project "The Awareness Portrait", a holistic approach to portrait drawing, including meditation and listening. Since 2010 she has been teaching painting at the Bunker Hill Community College in Boston.



Eva M. Lee’s work is inspired by architectural concepts, especially Bauhaus ideas and influenced by expressionist painters such as Kandinsky, Muenter and Macke. In her work Lee is searching for simple and reduced shapes and decisive, often bold colour schemes, trying to capture and express the essential. She works with different surface structures, layering or open colour spaces. Her work is abstract even though many of her pieces might create visions of inner or outer landscapes. She doesn’t intend to represent but merely to suggest and wants to leave it up to the viewer to find their own paths into the painting, their own views and their own images.

Eva Maria Lee has exhibited in Germany, England, France and the United States and her work is included in numerous collections in Europe and the US.




2011 Group Show "The Spirit of Art" at Time & Tide Gallery
        in Ipswich, MA

2011 Group Show "Life is Fluid" at Time & Tide Gallery
        in Ipswich, MA

2011 Featured Artist at DreamFarm Café in Hollis, NH

2010 Group Show at the Merrimac Public Library in Merrimac, MA

2010 Open Studios at 14 Cedar Street

2009 Launched Awareness Portraits, Amesbury, MA

2008 Solo Show: "Heart and Wonder" at Ferry Wharf Gallery in
        Newburyport, MA

2008 Maudslay Outdoor Sculpture Show, Group show with
        Green Artists League (GAL)

2008 Group show with the Green Artists League (GAL) at
        Fowle’s, Newburyport, MA

2008 New Works Show at Ferry Wharf Gallery, Newburyport, MA

2007 Group Show at The Lofts at Clark’s Pond, Amesbury, MA

2007 Group Show at Ferry Wharf Gallery in Newburyport, MA

2006 Amesbury Open Studios at Cedar Tree Development

2006 Featured Artist at Dream Farm Café in Hollis, NH,
        musical soiree and art show

2005 Group show at CEANS Event, Cedar Tree Development,
        Amesbury, MA
2005 Amesbury Open Studios at Cedar Tree Development

2005 Solo Exhibition at the Enrico Donati Gallery in
        Newburyport, MA

2005 Newburyport Artisans Open Studio Weekend Tour

2005 Group Show at the Merrimac Public Library in Merrimac, MA

2005 Featured Artist at “The Starving Artist Dinner”
        Wild Bites in Amesbury,
        Adelphia TV production

2004 to present: work shown at
        Enrico Donati Gallery, Newburyport, MA, USA

2004 Solo Exhibition at Amesbury Artworks, MA, USA

2000 Group show at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany

1998 Solo Exhibition: Form + Colour at Reita Gadkari’s,
        London, England

1997 Summer school painting in Provence, France, group show

1992 Group show in Studio Luxemburger, Mainz-Kastell, Germany